Los Olivos Beach Resort
Sky Bar Margarita`s

Enjoy exquisite cocktails and panoramic views, the perfect place for unforgettable moments at sunset.

Gastronomy Gourmet

At Los Olivos Beach Resort, our gastronomic offer is as diverse as it is delicious. From al fresco dining at Al Fresco, to the elegant gourmet cuisine of La Tosca, each dining experience is designed to delight your senses. Enjoy exquisite cocktails and panoramic views at Margarita’s Sky Bar, or immerse yourself in a natural and tranquil atmosphere at El Jardín. Each of our restaurants offers a unique combination of flavours and ambience to create unforgettable moments.

La Palapa

Enjoy authentic Mediterranean cuisine at La Palapa, surrounded by sea views and a cosy, relaxed atmosphere.

Al fresco

Enjoy alfresco dining and live entertainment in a relaxed and cosy atmosphere by the pool.

La Tosca

Savour gourmet cuisine in an elegant and sophisticated setting, ideal for intimate dinners and special occasions.

El Jardín

Enjoy exquisite cuisine in a natural and peaceful setting, perfect for a memorable outdoor dining experience.